Own the product. Own the traffic!

With our quiz app, we offer companies an attractive advertising space for their digital advertising campaigns. Whether lead generation, brand and performance marketing or programmatic advertising – there are no limits to the advertising variety. Our goal is to offer strong brands a creative and dynamic advertising environment – individual, innovative and inspiring. We also design, develop and implement the quiz in our TVSMILES app according to our customers’ ideas and wishes.

Brand Engagement via Quiz-based Web Formats

Our unique quiz-based advertising formats enable intensive brand engagement as well as brand awareness for small & large brands.

In-app message & Social Media

The boost for your brand visibility. Through in-app messages and the possibility to spread the brand cross-medially, we can significantly increase the reach.

Brand Engagement & Brand Interest

Our proprietary ad formats maximize interaction time with your brand to about 3 minutes on average. That’s “Market Outstanding”.

Delivery of greater volume & quality

We guarantee KPI oriented campaigns in high quality.

Choice of different mobile ad formats

TVSMILES offers various mobile ad formats such as video, mobile, web, display and many more.

Smart Targeting & Re-Targeting

Data points from a wide variety of categories are addressable.


Programmatic Audio

Via VAST and OpenRTB, private auctions and marketplaces are offered as they are already standard in digital advertising and moving image marketing. These are now also available in audio marketing with adfourtyfive programmatic audio.

Automated User-centric Marketing

Since 2016, TVSMILES has relied on Mixpanel as a platform for data-driven product development and AI-driven decision-making for automated user-centric marketing activities.


The Audience Relationship Management developed by TVSMILES and used since 2013 collects 1st-party user data. Machine learning is used to derive product affinities and purchase intentions.